Our Story

ZOA Store is the first online site, of fashion accessories, and cosmetic products respectful of our planet and all its inhabitants, dedicated to women. 

ZOA Store was born after the desire of the founder, Alma, to combine ethics and aesthetics. Her desire to live a more conscious life, led her to reconsider her diet and discover that a multitude of alternative and better solutions existed.

Alma decided to move towards a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle caring about our environment and all its inhabitants, thanks to her brother, Dorian who is also an integral part of this project. 

Indeed, Dorian switched to a vegan lifestyle several years ago after being a long time pescatarian/vegetarian. After learning about health, watching documentaries about food, and where it comes from, the impact that it has on our environment, the transition was an easy one to make for him. 

This is how Alma discovered this way of life which she was previously ignorant about. The awareness brought by her brother, in addition to various trips to the United States, and the rest of the world convinced her that an ethical way of life was possible without necessarily having to give up the little pleasures of life.

With her new knowledge, a passion for fashion, and due to the technological advances allowing to create amazing design that are offered on ZOA Store, it was obvious for her to create a website highlighting all those beautiful and ethical brands in hopes to better the fashion industry. 

Everyone loves beautiful things, done with meticulous work and attention to detail, beautiful products, beautiful materials .. and if we add to that, beautiful values , wouldn't this now be the true luxury ? 

ZOAstore offers consumers the ability to filter their search according to the values they hold dear. Eco-friendly, Vegan, Zero Waste, or Made in Europe; our selection of creators will meet one or more of these criteria. 

For us "Luxury" should mean high quality products, manufacturing, and materials, but also high quality of standards, for the humans behind each brands, the planet, and a respect for all life involved or not in the making of the products.

Together, let's reinvent the meaning of Luxury..